Monterey Bay Aquarium

I'm at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is my second time I'm here. Last time I was just a baby but this time I can se and discover so much more.




Here you can touch different things like plants and fish. It was cool but some felt a little slimy.



Dennis park

We went to a big playground in Monterey. There were som many things to do. Different slides and swings and places to climb and hide.



An old engine

This is at Dennis the Menace Playground in Monterey. You can see me on the top.



Carmel Valley

We took the car for a ride on Carmel Valley Road and stopped at a few places. It was a bit boring if you ask me.



Mels Diner

I had a hot dog and fries at Mels. My plate is a pink Thunderbird. I like to eat and play at the same time.