Granny Jan

We stayed at Granny Jan's house in Wheatland. It was next to the railroad. The whole house was shaking when the goods-trains passed through. But I got used to it. Here I am with Granny Jan and Ray.



Splash area

This is a playground in Rocklin that had a splash area. I think this is the best playground I've ever seen. I wish we had one like this at home.



Water gun

This horse is like a big water gun. Watch out! Don´t get too close.



At Larry's house

We went to visit Larry one day and he took his grandkids and me on a ride with his lawnmower. We went out in the woods but we didn't see any rattlesnakes.



The pool

Larry's pool has a really great view. I almost know how to swim now. You should see me.



Joe's Crab Shack

One night we ate at my mom's favourite restaurant in Old Sacramento. I had fish fingers and fries. The people who worked there were crazy. They sang and danced and made everybody scream when my mom got a drink with a shark in it.