We went to Cyprus, Aiya Napa, for a week. This is the pool where I spent most of the time.



The boat

My cousin Theo was there too with his family. They bought this boat and we had so much fun.



The monastery

We rented a car one day. My dad thought it was a bit tricky to drive on the left hand side. But he did good.

We visited a monastery up in the mountains and our parents had to borrow funny coats. Adults were not allowed to go in there barelegged.




This meal i exactly my style.



Nissi beach

I´m at the beach. The water was so clear and warm too.



The sand

I like to roll around in the sand but it's hard to get the sand out of the hair then.



The cliff

We saw people jumping and diving from the top of the big cliff out there. I think they were crazy.